We represent both corporations and individuals in many different types of commercial disputes. These include breach of contract cases, trade secrets cases, non-compete issues, disputes involving employees, directors and shareholders, collection matters, and other business disputes. For example, we recently stopped a competitor of one of our clients from using a name very similar to the client’s. The competitor was prevented from using the name to divert the client’s customers, and the client’s name and reputation were protected.

LUETKEHANS, BRADY, GARNER & ARMSTRONG’s litigation experience includes a long, successful history of litigating temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. We have represented large national corporations, local companies and individuals in a myriad of injunctive and declaratory judgment type cases. Given the short time frame involved and the need for immediate action in this type of litigation, our experience is invaluable to clients. Our track record is a testament to the success we deliver.

Commercial disputes often involve arbitration or the possibility of arbitration. We represent clients in arbitration forums such as the American Arbitration Association.

Our partners each have over 20 years of litigation experience ranging from pre-suit research, investigation and evaluation of claims and defenses all the way through trial and appeal.

An example of representation is the recent defense of a claim for control of corporate ownership and patent rights in which the firm obtained a successful arbitration award thus allowing the client to retain control of the corporate shares and all patent rights.

LUETKEHANS, BRADY, GARNER & ARMSTRONG also represents clients in disputes over whether a case should be heard in arbitration or in court. Recently, we worked to have a case filed in circuit court dismissed because the contract at issue contained an arbitration clause. That sort of attention to detail resulted in a favorable outcome for our client and exemplifies our commitment to each client.