LUETKEHANS, BRADY, GARNER & ARMSTRONG has a long tradition of representing lenders, developers, property owners, managers, units of government, and other entities in every aspect of real estate disputes. Our attorneys have a keen understanding of the business issues involved in these disputes, and work closely with clients to develop a plan of action intended to either quickly resolve or avoid litigation, or position it aggressively for a successful litigation outcome.



LUETKEHANS, BRADY, GARNER & ARMSTRONG’s litigation experience includes a long, successful history of litigating temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. We have represented large national corporations, local companies and individuals in a myriad of injunctive and declaratory judgment type cases. Given the short time frame involved and the need for immediate action in this type of litigation, our experience is invaluable to clients. Our track record is a testament to the success we deliver.



We represent both corporations and individuals in many different types of commercial disputes. These include breach of contract cases, trade secrets cases, non-compete issues, disputes involving employees, directors and shareholders, collection matters, and other business disputes. Our Attorney, Pat Brady, has over 20 years of experience handling financial and other fraud related investigations and advising clients in these crisis management situations.



LUETKEHANS, BRADY, GARNER & ARMSTRONG represents public agencies, numerous public boards, board members, cities, villages, counties, townships, special districts, corporations, developers and contractors. We also represent governmental entities and elected officials as general counsel and in litigation at the trial and appellate court levels, as well as in administrative matters. We have extensive experience in election law and advise clients on election administration and procedure issues.